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Quartz Crucibles

High Purity, High Temperature

Designed for manufacturing single crystal silicon ingots for semiconductor wafer and high-end solar applications, polysilicon starting materials are placed in a fused quartz crucible, heated to high temperatures and then grown from the melt as a single crystal.

Being one of the few materials that demonstrate high purity as well as resistance to extreme high temperatures, Momentive fused quartz crucibles are developed to be high-performing materials.

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Properties of Fused Quartz

More About Quartz Crucibles

Momentive quartz crucibles are offered in a wide variety of compositions, designs and coatings, depending on each customer's needs and applications. Crucibles meet the stringent purity requirements of each customer's industry and are designed to address specific micro-contamination concerns as well as growth-process requirements related to yield, attempt throughput and lifetime for optimized cost of ownership.

Potential applications for Momentive quartz crucibles include:  

  • Semiconductor ingot growth
  • High-end solar monosilicon ingot growth

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