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Consumer Goods


Momentive’s long relationship with consumer goods industries has helped create countless products we use every day – products that have changed the way we live, and products that we couldn’t live without.

Virtually everywhere you look, our silicone elastomers and liquid silicone rubbers and urethane additives have provided new possibilities for consumer goods, their manufacturers and consumers.

Our silicone elastomers are excellent candidates for sealing, bonding and insulation applications - typically helping our customers provide heat resistance, fire retardancy, and moisture and dirt protection for goods ranging from personal protective equipment, to consumer electronics, to vacuum cleaners.  Our portfolio of self-bonding liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) can deliver primerless adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, which can enable multi-component designs in applications such as shower heads and gaskets, and soft-touch effects on a variety of consumer goods.

The strength and clarity of our liquid silicone rubbers, coupled with ease of processability can benefit a variety of baby care products, and the high thermal stability of silicone elastomers can enable the design of numerous kitchen and bakeware products.

In addition, we offer a portfolio of urethane additives for insulation foams in appliances, for microcellular foams used in the soles of shoes and for polyurethane coatings.

From future-focused custom solutions to technologies that provide answers today, discover products that stand up to the tests of everyday life.

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NXT* Silane

Providing options for enhanced tire performance and overall system cost efficiencies for tire manufacturers worldwide, NXT silane has a unique design that can enable reduced rolling resistance without ...

SnapSil* TN3005 Adhesive Sealant

SnapSil* TN3005 adhesive sealant is a one-component sealant that cools at room temperature. Learn more.


Carbo NXT* silane is NXT* silane in powder form and can help provide tire enhancement and production efficiencies. Learn more.

CoatOSil* DRI Waterborne Silicone

CoatOSil DRI waterborne silicone is a low viscosity emulsion that can improve water and UV resistance resulting in more flexible coatings and sealants. Learn more.

e-free* 189 Silane

e-free* 189 silane is the latest advancement in silanes for mineral coupling with all-around excellence in performance and significant improvements in processing, allowing for reduced manufacturing costs. Learn more.

FRV1106 Silicone Adhesive Sealant

FRV1106 adhesive sealant is a one-component fluorosilicone sealant that cures to tough silicone rubber for fuel, solvent and chemical environments. Learn more.

IS 5128 E

IS 5128 E adhesive/sealant is a one component neutral RTV which quickly cure to form elastic, flexible silicone rubbers.

Lamp Tubing

With four basic grades available, fused quartz lamp tubing from Momentive features dimensional control and low hydroxyl content. Learn more.

Niax* Additive AP-01

Niax* additive AP-01 foam adhesion promoter may be used with rigid polyurethane foams and may improve adhesion to substrates of foams. Learn more.

Niax* Additive RA-1

Niax* additive RA-1 can improve green strength, dimensional stability and facings adhesion, and is an excellent candidate to consider in construction applications. Learn more.

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