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From potting and encapsulation products to adhesives, additives, hardcoats and packaging, we've been leading the way in providing long-term, reliable protection for sensitive electronic components for decades. And as systems continue to get smaller and circuit densities become greater, our deep industry knowledge and extensive experience help ensure that we're ready to protect whatever comes next.  

Our product offerings include:  

  • A comprehensive portfolio of one- and two-part adhesives and sealants for assembly applications on or near sensitive electronic components 
  • Potting and encapsulation products with various cure speeds, viscosities and performance capabilities to enhance thermal cycling performance, stress relief, material strength, flame retardency, long term heat stability and optical clarity  
  • Additives for microcellular elastomers obtained by mechanical frothing
  • Semi-conductor packaging solutions from die attach adhesives and encapsulants to lid seal adhesives and thermal interface materials  
  • Tough, high-clarity hardcoats for flat-panel displays  
  • Low-ionic resins for finer-line-resolution photo resist solutions  
  • Ultra-clear liquid silicone rubber for LEDs in flat-panel displays 

From future-focused custom solutions to technologies that provide answers today, discover the products that can enable the next generation of smart electronics. 

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Adhesives and Sealants

Momentive Performance Materials provides leading-edge silicone technologies to help meet performance and productivity challenges in a wide range of automotive and electronic applications.


Ceramic products and solutions are based on boron nitride, titanium diboride and graphite material systems.

Coatings Additives

Our family of Silquest* silanes are versatile and possess the ability to react with a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials, Silquest silanes work effectively as coupling agents, crosslinking agents and surface modifiers.

Conformal Coatings

Momentive’s ECC3011 and ECC3051S silicone conformal coating materials employ a unique formulation that can help prevent the occurrence of corrosion on vital PCB components and surfaces.


Momentive's portfolio of heat-cured elastomers (HCEs), liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs), bonding agents, additives and customized solutions provide a range of material options that offer resistance to moisture, chemicals, heat, aging, and even microbial growth.

Encapsulants Gels and Potting

Momentive’s dielectric potting and encapsulation materials are excellent candidates to consider to protect electronic components from moisture and harmful contaminants.


SilFort hardcoats can enable customers to replace glass and metal with lighter-weight polymers.

Optical Bonding Adhesives

Momentive offers a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions to help deliver design flexibility and long-term reliability to components operating under harsh conditions.


Momentive’s high-purity fused quartz materials set the standard for a diverse range of applications in which optical clarity, design flexibility and durability in extreme environments are critical.

Thermal Management Silicones

Momentive Performance Materials provides leading-edge silicone technologies to help meet performance and productivity challenges in a wide range of automotive and electronic applications.

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