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SilForm* INX Fluid

SilForm INX fluid is a fully functionalized ionic polymer that can help personal care products provide a crystal clear, shiny and comfortable network on skin when dried. Unlike traditional resins, it can enhance durability of long-wear cosmetics while also building on the shine of the final formulation. It can also enhance transfer resistance and gloss while not compromising on feel.  



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SilForm INX Marketing Bulletin

More About SilForm* INX Fluid

To achieve optimal transfer resistance, SilForm INX fluid is most effective when neutralized to a pH of 7-9. To neutralize, we recommend using sodium hydroxide at an approximate ratio of about 0.01:1 to the polymer. Once neutralized, this ionic polymer can provide formulators with benefits beyond most traditional resins since it does not crack or dull most color cosmetic formulations.

SilForm INX fluid is also excellent to consider for a variety of hair care and personal care applications. In hair care applications, it may help enhance anti-frizz and shine properties without weighing down the hair. SilForm INX fluid has also demonstrated the unique ability to leave a stronger and longer lasting fragrance impression when formulated into rinse off hair care products.

Potential Applications

Color cosmetics:

  • Lip color
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • Cream blush
  • Eye shadows
  • Eye liner

Hair care formulations:

  • Leave-on hair treatments
  • Wash-off hair treatments

Personal care formulations:

  • Leave-on skin treatments and cleansers.
  • Wash-off hair treatments

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