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Quartz Ingots

High Purity, Low Hydroxyl, Excellent Flexibility

As a global leading producer of high-purity fused quartz solids, Momentive produces quartz ingots that may provide excellent part-per-million and part-per-billion trace element levels needed to achieve the clean environment required for wafer processing. Specially processed to possess low hydroxyl (-OH) levels, Momentive quartz ingots are excellent candidates to consider in high-temperature applications with excellent performance. Large in size, Momentive quartz ingots may be an excellent consideration for applications in a wide size range, from small, intricate parts to large telescope mirror blanks.


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Properties of Fused Quartz

More About Quartz Ingots

To meet a variety of specifications, Momentive quartz ingots are available in the following grades:

124 ingot

  • High-purity fused quartz as the semiconductor industry's material of choice
  • Low hydroxyl content for high temperature applications
  • Large ingot size to provide fabrication flexibility

144 ingot

  • Low alkali, low aluminum quartz ingot

012 ingot

  • Ultra-high-purity synthetic fused silica
  • Low hydroxyl level

i21 ingot

  • Near-defect-free quality with ultra-low bubble content
  • Near net shape
  • Homogeneous quality throughout ingot
  • Low hydroxyl level

Potential applications for Momentive quartz ingots include:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Solar wafer processing
  • LED wafer processing

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