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Lamp Tubing

Clear Fused Quartz, Range of Transmission Requirements

Momentive lamp tubing is available in four basic grades for specific transmission requirements and is developed to cover an array of potential applications and uses. Momentive's flexible processes yield tight dimensional control and low hydroxyl (-OH) content, which provide the ability to meet demanding customer requirements.

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Properties of Fused Quartz

More About Lamp Tubing

Fused quartz lamp tubing is available in the following grades:   


  • Specially formulated for high purity
  • Good transmittance and higher temperature resistance
  • Low hydroxyl (-OH) content   


  • Virtually ozone-free (or germicidal) quartz tubing that helps transmit UVA and UVB rays while blocking the deep wavelengths that cause ozone generation in lighting applications
  • An excellent consideration for disinfectant applications and various UV treatments  


  • Lamp tubing that requires maximum visible transmittance with virtually complete UV protection
  • An excellent consideration for applications requiring UVB and UVC radiation blockage   

021 and 022 

  • Ultra-high-purity synthetic fused silica with low hydroxyl content; can exhibit superior solarization resistance and high transmittance in the deep UV range  

Seal Glass

Momentive's seal glass is comprised of quartz rod material used as filler to weld quartz to metal, resulting in a successful welding resistant to thermal cycles. Available grades are GSG-1, GSG-3 and GSG-4 with graded coefficient of thermal expansion.  

Potential applications for Momentive lamp tubing include:  

  • Lighting
  • Water and air purification
  • UV protection
  • Paint and ink curing


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