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InvisiSil* AM2211 OLED Encapsulant

Exceptional Protection, Even in Harsh Environments

An optical-grade silicone material for current and advanced display technology, InvisiSil AM2211 OLED encapsulant contains a passivation layer that helps protect against moisture, ionic agents and physical impact. Highly reliable and optically clear, InvisiSil AM2211 OLED encapsulant provides better reliability in harsh environments for sustained, high-quality performance.

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More About InvisiSil* AM2211 OLED Encapsulant

A high-purity, low-volatile-outgas encapsulant requiring mild thermal cure for OLED potting, InvisiSil AM2211 OLED encapsulant is an optically clear material. Especially in backlit devices, InvisiSil AM2211 OLED encapsulant can help protect against moisture, ionic agents and physical impact, all of which can be detrimental to product brightness. It offers low-volatility outgas and mild thermal cure (typically 100˚ C for one hour).

Potential applications for InvisiSil AM2211 OLED encapsulant include:

  • Current and advanced display technology, especially when used in harsh environments

* InvisiSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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