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AnchorSil* 9000 Release Coating

Quality Adhesion, PET Film Compatible  

AnchorSil* 9000 release coating is a specialty PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film anchorage additive that may be used to promote adhesion of UV curable epoxysilicone release coatings to film liners. AnchorSil* 9000 release coating is a 100% active additive for cationic UV curable coatings that can help improve adhesion of cured coatings to PET and other film substrates such as BOPP and high gauge HDPE. AnchorSil* 9000 release coating generally does not affect cure or release performance of photocurable epoxysilicone release agents, such as SilForce* UV9000 systems. AnchorSil* 9000 release coating is cationically photocrosslinked into UV cured epoxy silicone release agents and typically does not migrate from coatings after cure.

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More About AnchorSil* 9000 Release Coating

Potential applications of AnchorSil* 9000 release coating include:

  • Film liners  

*AnchorSil and SilForce are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.   

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