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Graphite Monochromators

More Intense, Efficient X-rays

Highly oriented forms of high-purity pyrolytic graphite, Momentive’s graphite monochromators are designed to diffract X-rays and neutrons with greater efficiency than any other known material. In testing, a single-bent focusing monochromator using graphite can yield three times more intensity than lithium fluoride at an equivalent resolution. Offering graphite monochromotors with the lowest mosaic spread available, Momentive graphite monochromators offer excellent performance in demanding X-ray applications.

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More About Graphite Monochromators

Momentive's graphite monochromators are produced as flat, singly bent and doubly bent shapes. The monochromators are classified according to mosaic spread. Crystals with customized mosaic spread range are available upon request. Bent monochromators with standard or customized bend radii are also available.

Potential applications for Momentive graphite monochromators include:

  • X-ray diffraction
  • Neutron scattering and diffraction
  • Scanning tunneling microscopy - calibration and substrates

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