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Boron Nitride Powder

Up for the Most Demanding Applications

Produced in more than 70 standard and custom grades, boron nitride (BN) powders, in platelet and agglomerate forms, meet a wide variety of application needs. Designed to perform, Momentive BN powder platelets and agglomerates demonstrate excellent electrical insulator properties, along with a low dielectric constant. Nonwetting to most metals, BN powder platelets and agglomerates are also inert and chemically stable, ensuring stability across multiple formulation types.


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BN Powder Grade AC6111


More About Boron Nitride Powder

BN powder platelets and agglomerates may help to work as electrically insulating and thermally conductive fillers for use in heaters, polymer matrices, adhesives and pastes, and with potting compounds. Offering enhanced lubricity and thermal properties, they can also be used in lubrication applications that require extreme heat, cold or pressure, such as in vacuum environments or when exposed to harsh chemicals.

Several grades of BN powder platelets and agglomerates carry NSF H-2, HX-2 and HX-1 designations, indicating they are safe for incidental food contact.

Additional potential applications for BN powders include:

  • Refractories and refractory coatings
  • Mold and die release
  • Metal/ceramic and ceramic/matrix composites
  • Lubricants with incidental food contact

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