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Boron Nitride Paints

High Purity, Easy to Use

Developed for use in metals processing, boron nitride (BN) sprays and water-based coatings are excellent candidates for ease of use and durability. They are offered in a ready-to-use coating form in an aerosol spray and in a wide range of water-based, nonreactive and nontoxic paints.


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BN Coatings

Boron nitride coatings product bulletin


More About Boron Nitride Paints

BN sprays feature high-purity, fine BN crystals suspended within a fast-drying, solvent-based carrier formulation. Available in 13-ounce aerosol cans and made available in 12-can carton shipments, each BN spray can is able to provide about 100 square feet of coverage and is designed to produce a smooth coating with very low binder content.

Nonreactive and nontoxic, BN water-based coatings are available in both 1- and 5-gallon containers. BN water-based coatings can be applied to hot or cold surfaces, while dried coatings can be readily handled, smoothed or polished with a soft, dry cloth. Applying is simple and effective using various commercially available methods, whether by spray, brush, roller or dipping.

Potential applications for BN sprays and water-based coatings include:

  • Metals processing
  • Powder metal processing
  • Strip cast steel processing
  • Tool and die processing

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