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SilTRUST* SP100 Adhesive


Product durability is critical in the renewable energy industry, and SilTRUST SP100 adhesive is a new product generally designed to meet the most stringent requirements. It is an ideal candidate to consider for use as a solar panel assembly adhesive that can potentially deliver long-term reliability in harsh conditions.

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More About SilTRUST* SP100 Adhesive

A result of our advanced silicone technology, SilTRUST SP100 adhesive can help protect the solar arrays of satellites in space and protect terrestrial solar panels from variations in temperature and corrosion.

SilTRUST SP100 adhesive generally has fast room-temperature curing capabilities, thanks to its neutral alkoxy tin-free curing system. It can provide superior primerless adhesive properties to glass, aluminum, common junction box plastics and backsheets. Its superior shelf life has been noted to be stable with adhesive properties after 85° C/85% RH conditioning when typically compared to competitive grades, and has shown excellent color stability after accelerated UV and heat aging.

Potential applications for SilTRUST SP100 adhesive include:

  • Primerless adhesives for glass, aluminum and plastics
  • Solar assemblies

* SilTRUST is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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