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Moulding Compounds Business in High Gear


A new series of products from Momentive’s Moulding Compounds business are performing critical functions for some of the world’s most popular automobiles.


Superior products and an enhanced market focus are helping Momentive win new business from European car manufacturers. Our Moulding Compounds business has worked with European automakers for 15 years, including names like Audi, BMW and Mercedes.


About five years ago, the group began to develop next generation glass fibre reinforced compounds made with phenolic resins for moulded parts found under the hood. Automotive components such as caps, valve bodies and pistons have traditionally been cast from steel or aluminum.


With its new process, Momentive is able to offer alternative products that combine high strength with light weight, allowing manufacturers to switch from heavier materials and increase fuel efficiency, a huge advantage given Europe’s tough auto standards.


Success has been a team effort, with employees from market development, customer relations, product development and engineering all contributing. Two new classes of phenolic-based material – one high in strength,  Bakelite™ PF 6771, the other high in stiffness, Bakelite PF 1110 – are becoming increasingly popular with customers.


Two applications are excellent examples of our success. 

MC Vacuum Pump Cover

A vacuum pump housing for use in brake systems was developed for Ixetic, a German automotive supplier that does business with numerous European car makers. Traditionally, these vacuum pump covers have been aluminum die cast. Momentive’s thermoset-moulded design combines high strength and improved dimensional stability with reduced weight. It is both less expensive to produce and lighter, contributing to cost savings for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Momentive's customer Ixetic received an award from the Thermoset Engineering Society for design and environmental innovation in creating the vacuum pump with the new Momentive material. 

MC Water Pump Housing

A water pump housing for Audi is another breakthrough. In development for almost three years, the moulded plastic compound made with phenolic resin was shown to outperform cast aluminum in dimensional stability while lowering overall weight. With approximately fifteen applications similar to these in progress, our Moulding Compounds business is driving improved results by moving the automotive industry in new directions.


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