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A Legacy of Innovation

Phenolic amino acidsOur phenolic resins reside in materials found in automobiles, appliances, electronics, wood products, metal castings for foundries and refractories, homes, offices, floral foams, insulation, roofs, laminates, lighting, boats and briquettes.

Phenolic & Amino Resins

 Melamine Formaldehyde
 Methylated Melamine
 Phenolic Novolacs
 Phenolic Novolacs - Cresols
 Phenolic Novolacs - High Purity
 Phenolic Novolac - Powders
 Phenolic Resoles
 Phenolic Specialties
 Phenolic Specialties - Alkylated
 Urea Formaldehyde

Formulation Versatility and Variety

Versatile, flexible and adaptable, our phenolic formaldehyde resins can take on any job—binding, laminating, modifying, or adhering—and come in a variety of forms such as phenolic novolac, resole, powder resin solutions and water-based solutions. The proven structural performance and application flexibility of phenolics make them a manufacturing standard across a wide range of industries. Momentive can adapt characteristics such as reactivity, moisture content, molecular weight, pH, flow and lubricity to your application needs, bringing you a virtually endless number of formulations that help take your products to the next level.

Our urea formaldehyde resins, used mainly for non-structural bonding applications in the wood products industry, are a cost-effective and proven performer. Melamine formaldehyde is used extensively in decorative laminates installed in thousands of products from countertops to laminate flooring. You'll also find them used as modifiers in other materials, such as textiles, tires, paper, fertilizers, glass and metals.


Advanced Resins for Composite Manufacturing